Super Six is Super Freaking Awesome (still)

Super Six is Super Freaking Awesome (still)

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch at a restaurant I love but don’t get to near enough – Super Six in Colombia City. Super Six is the spot bringing you bomb Pacific Northwest comfort food with dope Asian flavors and it’s seriously amazing every time I go there. I actually had no intention of writing a blog about this meal, I was just having lunch with a friend and taking photos of my food like I (almost) always do. But the food was just so damn delicious (and photogenic, too!) that I just felt compelled to compose a blog on Super Six and it’s awesomeness (in case anyone had forgotten). Without further ado, here are the highlights of the mouthwatering things happening at Super Six this summer.

Let’s just start with frozé because it’s summer and you most likely need a rosé slushie.  These concoctions are composed of strawberry puree, lychee liquor, lemon and rosé – swoon. They’re new on the menu and they’re dangerously delicious.

This Braised Pork Cheek Ssam is served with green leaf, scallion garlic relish and daikon salad. The cheek is insanely tender and flavorful; this is a dish I’ve had here many times and I’ll definitely have again.

Aloha Fries are legit one of the best damn things in Seattle. Hand cut fries with kalua pork, kimchi mayo, scallions and a sunny up egg – YES PLEASE.

Super Six is slinging some super bomb boozy slushies and they have non-alcoholic versions for just $4.50! I had to try the Pineapple Orange Guava and y’all, it was incredible. This is what you want to be sipping on a warm summer afternoon.

This is the way to end a meal, y’all. With this Hawaiian Coconut Cream Pie, complete with sesame brittle, macadamia nuts and caramel. I’m not even a big coconut fan and I adore this pie.

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