Drink These Beers with These Dishes at Pike Brewing

Drink These Beers with These Dishes at Pike Brewing

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4. Nachos & Space Needle IPA A

Ah, Pike Brewing – my neighborhood brewery, and a fixture in Pike Place Market since 1989. This is a special place, one that I love living down the block from and have been visiting regularly for good brews and good times since I moved to downtown Seattle in 2013.  As a light beer & whiskey drinker coming from the South, craft beers are not my area of expertise, so I set out on a mission to find what beers paired best with what dishes at Pike, and their team was more than willing and eager to lead me on this delicious journey.

1. Pretzel Platter & Kilt Lifter

The Dish: The Pike Pretzel Platter A shareable platter of three pretzels, Pike XXXXX Stout mustard, handmade ale cheese sauce and malt syrup infused whipped butter. 

The Beer: PIKE KILT LIFTER: A sweet and smoky Scotch style ale.

Why They Work: The Pretzel Platter pairs well with the Pike Kilt Lifter as the slight smoky taste of peated malt plays well off the mustard, cheese sauce and whipped butter. Kilt Lifter’s sweet and roasty flavors complement the spent grain and hearty flavors of the pretzel.

2. Bison Burger & Stout A

The Dish: The Bison Bacon Burger Nearly 1/2 lb. of incredible, sustainable hand-formed grass fed ground Bison blended with bacon, grilled and topped with bacon, tomato, house-made Woodinville Whiskey bacon jam, Pike’s Ale braised onions, chopped pickle, Samish Bay Ladysmith cheese and Britt’s Pickles

The Beer: PIKE XXXXX STOUT An extra stout beer with deep cocoa and espresso flavors.

Why They Work: You need a hearty beer to stand up to this burger, and that’s just what Pike XXXXX Stout is! The Stout’s rich chocolate and coffee flavors meld with the flavorful bison and bacon in an effortlessly delicious way.

3. Mussels & Clams & Naughty Nellie C

The Dish: Pacific Manila Clams and Penn Cove Mussels A pound and a half of local Puget Sound succulent clams and/or mussels gently steamed in your choice of Pike Monk’s Uncle Tripel Ale, Washington State wine and herbs, or signature spicy coconut sauce. 

The Beer: PIKE NAUGHTY NELLIE Golden, organic ale with sassy character.

Why They Work: The light body of the Naughty Nellie Golden Ale balances nicely with the rich coconut sauce and cools the heat on the spice, much in the way that white wine would.

4. Nachos C

The Dish: North of the Border Nachos Crisp Tortilla chips topped with diced tomatoes, pepper jack and cheddar cheeses, house-made black bean corn salsa, green onion, and jalapeño. Your choice of chicken, pork, or crumbled veggie patty tossed in house made Pike Kilt Lifter BBQ Sauce. Topped with house made chili-lime cream sauce.

The Beer: PIKE SPACE NEEDLE GOLDEN IPA An assertive hoppy and floral, west coast style IPA.

Why They Work: The bright and citrusy notes of the Space Needle IPA help to cool the heat in the chili-lime cream and the beer’s hoppy bitterness plays off the slightly sweet and tanginess of the pulled pork.

 6. Poutine & Pike Place Ale C

The Dish: Pike Poutine Potatoes fried to perfection, Golden Glen cheese curds, and sumptuous beef gravy finished with scallions.

The Beer:  PIKE IPA A complex, hop forward IPA.

Why They Work: The rich poutine pairs well with Pike IPA’s smooth, malty base that pops with hops at the end. You must have a classic British style IPA to accompany a Canadian dish, of course!

5. Salmon SLT & Pike IPA A

The Dish: Wild Alaska Salmon SLT Wild Alaskan salmon, marinated with brown sugar, rosemary and paprika, then grilled to perfection. Served on a toasted Macrina Bakery bun with Chef Gary’s famous smoked pepper mayo, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, red onion and thick cut bacon.

The Beer:  PIKE PLACE ALE A balanced, pale ale.

Why They Work: Pike Place Ale’s slight hoppiness plays off the sweetness of the salmon and its clean malt base balance out the smoky bacon. Plus, this farmer direct Northwest beer just naturally goes with local, wild salmon.

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