What and Where to Eat and Drink in Kirkland

What and Where to Eat and Drink in Kirkland

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Bottle and Bull

Dinner at Bottle and Bull

I rarely get over to the East Side, so when I got invited to eat and drink my way through Kirkland, I was eager to check it out. I was delighted to discover that the food scene in this little city about 20 minutes east of Seattle is just jamming.  I was only there for 24 hours, but I think I did a pretty damn good job of finding the dishes and drinks worth driving (or in my case, Ubering) to Kirkland for.

Pomegranate Basil Martini

The first thing on the list is this Basil Pomegranate Martini at Trellis Restaurant located inside the lovely Heathman Hotel. I LOVE basil and I love it in cocktails. I was also super impressed with the food here. The grilled corn was one of my favorites, so simple and so good. The menu is seasonal so I can’t promise that corn is still on the menu.

Tea at Trellis

And speaking of Trellis, tea there is a must when you visit Kirkland. It’s one of the most fantastic dining experiences I’ve had and I do not say that lightly, people. The presentation and treats that are served are absolutely stunning and utterly delicious. Pastry chef Jacquelynn Beckman is really bringing it.

Lady Yum

Because macarons and champagne just belong together. Thank you Lady Yum for making the most adorable shop ever where I can go nibble on incredibly uniquely flavored macarons and sip on bubbles. My girlfriend Lauren and I had the most fabulous time here! And now you can indulge in macarons and champagne in Seattle – they just opened a new location in South Lake Union. Cheers to that!

Little Brother Toast

Little Brother seriously blew me away with their commitment to local ingredients and farmers, incredibly fresh produce and proteins and beautifully designed dishes. Their tartines (basically an open faced sandwich) are to die for and I absolutely insist that you get one when you visit. This is their Cured Wild Salmon, Goat Cheese and Egg Tartine.

Little Brother Strawberry Bellini

Oh my gosh y’all, this cocktail at Little Brother! It’s a fresh strawberry bellini and it was absolutely fantastic. I had two. Oh, and did I mention these guys are so committed to supporting local farmers that they have a little mini farmers market right outside their doors where farmers can come and sell their goods? I could have actually bought the strawberries they used in my bellini when I left if I wanted to. Sweet.

Bottle and Bull Meat and Cheese

Bottle and Bull is an enchantingly delicious Ernest Hemingway inspired restaurant that highlights food from the cities he loved – such as Havana, Paris, Florence and Pamplona and it’s a must visit when you commence on your dining adventure in Kirkland. I’m in the middle of a major charcuterie obsession so I had to order the Cheese and Charcuterie Board which includes a selection of artisanal cured meats and cheeses, house-made wild boar pate and Bing cherry moustarda. Killer.

Bottle and Bull Cocktail

Last, but certainly not least is the cocktail “And the Sea” I enjoyed at Bottle and Bull. I am serious when I say this is one of my favorite cocktails I have ever had. It was so inventive, unique and yes – also delicious.  A home run, really. I have to be honest – I saw the description on the menu and ordered it because I thought the smoked salmon garnish would make a cool photo (and to be fair, I was right). “And the Sea”:  Rye, Cynar, Cocchi Americano, Scrappy’s Bitters, Smoked Sea Salt and a Smoked Salmon Garnish.

Cheers, Kirkland!

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  1. Jayne says:

    Let me add to try the Smoked Trout Ravioli at Bottle & Bull! So delicious!

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely write up about our beloved, Kirkland and for featuring Lady Yum!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I love your photo!!
    Megan Wagstaff
    Lady Yum

  3. Stephanie Forrer says:

    Thank you for such a lovely time!!!

  4. Stephanie Forrer says:

    Sounds amazing! Thanks for reading!

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