9 Things I Can’t Stop Eating in Seattle Right Now

9 Things I Can’t Stop Eating in Seattle Right Now

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Nashville hot chicken at Sisters & Brothers

I fell in love with the Seattle food scene five years ago when I moved here from Alabama and I’ve been writing about it, photographing and sharing it ever since. I have found a lot of amazing food along the way and I’m constantly updating the master list in my head of amazing dishes and restaurants in this city. There is such a robust and diverse food scene in Seattle that it can be overwhelming to visitors (or the local who doesn’t have the countless hours to devote to research and dining out that I do) to find the extra delicious things here so I thought I’d save you some time. Here are utterly delectabe, mouthwatering dishes I can’t stop eating in Seattle right now. These are dishes I like so much that I eat them on a very regular basis at the moment or I recently tried it and was so enamored with it that it made this list. Enjoy and happy eating y’all!

Khao Soi at Soi

Khao Soi at Soi

 Egg noodles in a coconut milk curry of cumin, turmeric, shallot, galangal, lemongrass, and chicken, topped with bean sprouts, pickled cabbage, cilantro and sliced shallot.

This Northern-Thai Style curry noodle soup has stolen my heart. Available at brunch, lunch and dinner, they know they hit a home run with this dish. I have been a big fan of Soi for the past couple years but lately this is the only thing I will eat there (but it’s hard to go wrong with anything on their menu from the cocktails to the congees).

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

Salted Chocolate Cake Goldfinch Tavern

Salted Chocolate Cake at Goldfinch Tavern

Goldfinch Tavern is in my ‘hood and lately I have become obsessed with their salted chocolate cake and house made ice creams (I had their bourbon ice cream last week and it was seriously heaven). The seasonal, Seattle focused menu from Chef Joe Ritchie is always impressive as is the stunning atmosphere (the view and the restaurant itself) and the impeccable service.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Pepperoni Pizza at Von's

Olympia Provisions Classic Pepperoni at Von’s 1000Spirits

Olympia Provisions Classic Pepperoni with whole milk mozzarella, hot chili relish, Farmstead fontina, reggiano. Spicy!

Ah, Von’s, another restaurant I spend entirely too much time in. I am not even really a pizza person, y’all, but lately I cannot get enough of their Pepperoni Pizza. With pepperoni from Olympia Provisions out of Portland and fresh, whole milk  mozzarella you really can’t go wrong. It’s just a classic pepperoni pizza made with the finest ingredients and Von’s signature sourdough crust that’s made with an almost 60 year old sourdough starter.

Neighborhood: Downtown

Elotes at Quality AthleticsElotes at Quality Athletics

Street corn with smoked aioli and queso fresco.

Spring is here (or at least trying to be) and warm days are for elotes on the patio at Quality Athletics! I became obsessed with these when Chef Daniel Cox put them on the menu last summer and I was so pumped to see them return to the new spring menu! I like these so much I had them twice in three days when they made their return. This dish pairs well with beer and sunshine.

Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

Tara Saikyoyaki NishinoTara Saikyoyaki at Nishino

Broiled black cod marinated with saikyo miso.

The sushi here is absolutely outstanding but the thing I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since eating here last month was the black cod. My boyfriend has a bit of a black cod obsession so we pretty much always order it if it’s on the menu and thank goodness. This dish is absolutely stellar. The rich, umami flavor and moist, flaky fish are perfection. I feel like Nishino is a bit of hidden gem and one not to be overlooked in the world of fine Japanese and Sushi restaurants.

Neighborhood: Madison Park

Hot Chicken at Sisters and BrothersNashville Hot Chicken at Sisters and Brothers

Nashville hot chicken wings.

Y’all know I’m from Alabama, so I don’t take fried chicken lightly and I’m telling you, the hot chicken at Sisters and Brothers is one hundred percent fantastic.  I am literally going to eat it for lunch as soon as I finish writing this. It’s so good I will gladly go all the way to Georgetown for it.

Neighborhood: Georgetown

Rigatoni at Tavolata

Rigatoni at Tavolata

Spicy Sausage, Tomato, Marjoram, Parmesan.

There almost aren’t words for how insanely good the Rigatoni is at Ethan Stowell’s Tavolata. Like, just writing about it makes me want a tub of it right now. The rigatoni is always perfect and the flavors are spot on every time. I see this dish in my very near future. It’s the perfect time of year to sit on the patio in Belltown with a big bowl of pasta, you know?

Neighborhood: Belltown and Capitol Hill

Chocolate Croissant at Bakery Nouveau

The Chocolate Croissant at Bakery Nouveau

If you follow me at all on Twitter or Instagram,  then you know my obsession over the chocolate croissant at Bakery Nouveau (and Bakery Nouveau in general) is fierce. I could eat their chocolate croissant every day for the rest of my life. It’s flaky perfection with just the right amount of chocolate. Don’t stop at the croissants though, you really can’t make a mistake when you order here. I’m also pretty smitten over the chocolate bread, vanilla pound cake and salted chocolate chip cookies.

Neighborhood: West Seattle and Capitol Hill

Catfish MonsoonCaramelized Idaho Catfish Claypot at Monsoon

Fresh coconut juice, green onion.

This dish was an awesome discovery when I was having dinner here with a girlfriend. The southern girl in me saw catfish on a menu and had to order it. This is in no way, shape or form what the catfish we serve in Alabama look or tastes like but damn – is it good. I could not get enough. I was truly impressed with everything we ordered, but this was, by far, my favorite, and has me ready to return very soon.

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill and Bellevue


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