10 Delicious Reasons to Eat at Anthony’s

10 Delicious Reasons to Eat at Anthony’s

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Anthony’s Restaurants are about as Pacific Northwest as it gets. I remember the first time I ate at one – I had just moved here six years ago and a friend took me to the Anthony’s at Point Defiance in Tacoma. In true Anthony’s fashion, it offered spectacular views, fresh seafood and friendly service. I immediately fell in love with their clam chowder and of course it’s on this list. Here are ten delicious reasons to eat at this local, family-owned group of Pacific Northwest restaurants:

1. Wild Salmon Tacos
These babies consist of blackened salmon, roasted corn salsa and sundried tomato-basil butter on a soft corn tortilla. They’re served with chips and salsa .
2. Fresh Oysters
Anthony’s is so committed to serving fresh, sustainable seafood that they started their own wholesale seafood company in 1984 to insure they consistently offer guests the finest, highest quality seafood. This means their oysters (and everything from the sea) are fantastic.
3. Szechuan Octopus
This Atlantic octopus has a kick! It’s done Szechuan style, grilled with beans, peanuts and cilantro. This is served at their more upscale dinner houses, like Anthony’s Pier 66.
4. Fishermen’s Catch
Fried ocean prawns, wild salmon, calamari and Alaska cod served with ginger slaw and fries – this takes fish ‘n chips to the next level, y’all!
These next items are all featured at happy hour so you can score them for a deal!

5. Sauteed Edamame
This edamame is served n sweet sesame-soy with crushed red chili peppers, ginger and garlic.

6. Crispy Calamari
Crispy calamari served with lemon aioli, enough said.

7. Manila Clams from Discovery Bay
These beauties are served in a white wine butter sauce.
8. Island Poke Bowl
Beautiful, raw South Pacific yellowfin ahi poke marinated in chili, ginger, sesame and soy is served over Jasmine rice finished with edamame, pineapple chutney, seaweed salad and sesame cabbage. This is the happy hour version, it’s also served on the regular menu.
9. Clam Chowder
Anthony’s award winning chowder is one of my favorites! A true Anthony’s classic, it has tons of clams.
10. Bar Burger
Anthony’s Bar Burger is your no thrills, good old fashioned burger made with Kobe Beef and finished with bacon jam and caramelized onions. This baby is available at happy hour for just $7.50.


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